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  1. Mail and Paper Management

  2. Bill Payment

  3. Budgeting

  4. Record Keeping

  5. Personal Bookkeeping

  6. Organizing Medical Paperwork

  7. Completing Paperwork

Initial Assessment: 

We provide a FREE phone assessment to discuss your needs, your budget, the timeframe, and the plan to move forward.

Full Service: 

Our services are charged on an hourly basis.  Cari will come to your home on a regular schedule or we can set up remote services.

Cari will handle your personal information with complete confidentiality, and the highest level of security. 

You can lead a better life with the confidence that your finances are being taken care of.  More time for you to do what matters most.

Call or email me to get more information on this valuable service.

Cari’s Custom Organizing    --    323-600-4993    --    info@CarisCustomOrganizing.com

The Process:

Daily Money Management Services:

If you stress about paying your bills and getting through all the paperwork in your home or office, then this might be a great time to delegate these tasks to a Professional.

I will come to your home or can take charge of all your bills and accounts remotely so that you can concentrate on the more important things in life.  Having someone help you deal with these tasks will free up your time and take the stress away.